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Renaisa Anthony, MD, MPH

Renaisa Anthony

Deputy Director/Physician/Professor

University of Nebraska Med Center/Center for Reducing Health Disparities

Dr. Renaisa S. Anthony is a licensed, practicing physician and public health practitioner. She is the Deputy Director of the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Promotion in the College of Public Health and cares for patients at the Charles Drew Community Health Center. Her research interests are in health equity and maternal and child health.


Her professional and personal commitment to eradicating health disparities developed over a myriad of professional and personal experiences. Born preterm and raised in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Anthony is keenly aware of the social determinants of health and their impact on health outcomes. She is an advocate for Healthy People 2020 goals to “eliminate disparities, achieve health equity and improve the health of all populations.”

Some of her most notable achievements include being honored by the US Surgeon General; testifying before Congress in support of the Affordable Care Act; earning the 2010 American Public Health Association Leadership and Advocacy Award; being recognized as the 2010 National Medical Association’s Top Doctor Under 40 Award; delivering a TEDx Talk entitled “A Recipe for Health Equity”; and giving the 2016 Midwest Global Health Conference keynote, titled “We Are the World: A 21st Century Perspective on Health Disparities.”

Renaisa earned her medical degree at the University of Chicago, her Master of Public Health at Harvard University, and completed her internship training at Vanderbilt University. She also held a fellowship in health policy at the National Institutes of Health and with the Office of the Surgeon General.